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June 23, 2012



I like the Introduction as is and may be easily tweaked for a book series, which you may consider authoring with others.


Hi Ben!!
Thank you for these amazing suggestions. I will definitely be considering them.

To all who have posted. I have been reworking the introduction. I will be posting an updated Chapter 1 today (I hope). Stay tuned.


Ben Woelk

I'm not sure I have the concept right, and it's a little tough with two potential divergent audiences, but here are a few title suggestions that you might be able to modify into something usable:
Go with the Flow: Effortless Decision Making
Holistic Decision Making
Harnessing the Flow: Making Your Best Decision
Full Immersion Decision Making
Five Alarm Decision Making
Going with the Flow Without Quenching Your Inner Fire (or Flame)


Thanks, Mary! Marlene's post made me realized that I needed to get back to the essence of what this is all about. My first attempt was definitely a reflection of my own straying from flow. I spent my writing time this weekend focusing on the book, which has become my own flow state. My goodness, I LOVE to write! (And I know you know what I'm talking about).


I think you should start with the third paragraph. That's when you grabbed me! We always hear the phrase "Go with the flow" -- start with that, because that's something everyone knows about, but very few know how to do it. Most think it just means to float along with the tide of life, but I think there's a much deeper meaning, and you've hit on it. (Get rid of the reference to Maslow - I mean, who cares what he says? It's too "academic.")
Go for it Judy!


Thank you, Jane. I so appreciate your taking to time to give me feedback. I've already begun to reweave the intro.

Jane Califf

Hi Judy,

I really like your first line. I started to think that you were going to talk about how we can become more connected and mentally healthier. Then you talk about how you will focus on individual decision-making which made me imagine more isolated people working on strategies and life styles that will help them make better decisions.

I suggest that you mention very near the beginning something about how people can be part of a wider community which can help them in figuring out problems and future plans. Community institutions and cultural practices are breaking down and are a serious part of the problem you pose in your first sentence. Are you going to explore this and how to overcome it as a way for people to help one another more in grappling with solutions to issues and problems they face?

I also have forgotten about Maslow's Triangle...Maybe you should put a footnote or a diagram of it.

A lot of people are not making good personal and political decisions, so your book could be a positive contribution to solving these problems.

Judy Glick-Smith

Thank you, Marlene!!! This is not supposed to be about finding a job. Your comments are wonderful! Time to respin!!

Marlene Estorino

As a huge fan of you work, I'm really looking forward to reading your book. Here are my thoughts as I read this introduction:
#1 This book is about finding a job.
#2 The use of "CV" is a perfect example of how our vocabulary has changed.
#3 Maslow’s Triangle? G-wiz,I can't remember what is.
#4 I love the spoke example.
#5 There is no mention of you PHD.
#6 Judy is cooler than this description of her.

I offer my observation with humility, as I truly admire your work.

Marlene Estorino

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